Ginova Comfort Shoes with Elastic Knitted Fabric

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Ref.: 3.860


Fabricado em Portugal

Upper: Fabric Lining: Fabric
Leather Insole
Sole: Non-slip and Flexible Rubber
Adjustable and adaptable to any foot
Soft heel counter

This model of orthopedic shoes has as its main feature the manufacturing material. The knitted mesh of these orthopedic shoes adjusts very well to the feet and always provide a feeling of comfort, they always follow the size of the foot thanks to their elasticity. In the heel counter area it has a small, very malleable fabric reinforcement so it won't hurt the back of the foot.

For those who suffer from swollen feet, this shoe will follow the volume of the foot and keep up with the difference in size, they are ideal for people with bunions, sensitive feet, for post-operative recoveries, people with low mobility, among others... Thanks to the comfort this shoe is perfect for people who have to walk a lot, such as restaurant professionals, health assistants, hotels, or any other profession that requires it.

The insole of these orthopedic shoes, in addition to being anatomical, is also made of leather, with the particularity of being removable, which allows it to be washed separately. Finally, and also very important, the sole of orthopedic shoes is super light and malleable, it is made of rubber that makes it always safe and stable even on floors with less grip. These orthopedic shoes are available in three colors, black, beige and white, you can find this model from 35 to 42.

These shoes are Made in Portugal with quality materials by professionals with several years of experience. This model has been tested to provide you with the best comfort and well-being for your daily life.